KTC attended annual RBI's APAC conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KTC active member of RBI, attended the annual Asia Pacific (“APAC”) conference of Russell Bedford International (“RBI”) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 23 to 25 July 2015. The KTC delegate headed by Mr. Hung Pham, managing partner, and Mr. Hai Le, partner in Ho Chi Minh office, was warmly welcomed by the host of Russell Bedford Malaysia.

In this conference, Mr. Alan Bezzant, the new CEO of RBI, presented the growth of RBI globally and RBI’s development plan to become one of the top professional business networks in the world.

The representative of Japan External Trade Organization (“JETRO”) gave a comprehensive outlook on the world’s economy, especially the one of East and Southeast Asia area, as well as investment trend of Japanese companies in the region. JETRO compared the criteria of economy, administrative procedures and advantages of the countries in the Southeast Asia to conclude the trend and the conditions that Japanese investors should consider in deciding of investment locations.

Following JETRO, the representative of Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia spoke about the ASEAN Economic Community (“AEC”), its negotiation process, agreed contents and opportunities as well as challenges for Southeast Asia countries after joining the community.

A major part of the conference was held to update the business operations of the firms as well as changes in economic conditions in the countries. Mr. Hung Pham, on behalf of KTC, gave a concise presentation on the development and expansion of the business of KTC during the year and the firm’s orientation of new business activities.

A number of agreements on business cooperation, knowledge transfer and staff exchange was engaged by KTC as the result of the development of firms’ close relationship over the time.

Also in July, the firm officially changed its name to KTC SCS Audit Company Limited to meet our new business objectives, without changing the nature that we are still an active member of RBI network, especially in our cooperation with APAC associates.