Rights and Obligations of members

Chapter III



Article 9. Rights of members

1. The Association protects legal rights and interests of its members as they practice their profession in accordance with applicable laws.

2. Members are provided with information related to the Association’s activities  and information on the promulgation, issuance and amendment of policies, regimes and laws, information on international accounting and auditing activities and others; they have the right to directly participate in the Association’s activities, training courses, CPD training, knowledge updates in finance, accounting and auditing; participate in study tours domestically or overseas  organizes or co-organizes by the Association in accordance with applicable laws.

3. Members are entitled to being involved in discussing and making decisions on the Association’s business directions in accordance to its regulations, making recommendations and suggestions to competent authorities concerning the Association’s business areas; and making recommendations to the Association on amendments and improvements to financial, accounting and auditing policies and regimes and other professional matters which the Association could request state authorities to realize.

4. Full members are entitled to self-nomination, nomination and election of members to the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board in accordance with the Association’s regulations. Being participated in or nominating ed a representative to participate and vote in the Association’s Nationwide   congresses. Full Members have the right to authorize other full  members to act on their behalf.

5. Members have right to  refer new members.

6. Members may receive acknowledgement and rewards in accordance to the Association’s regulations.

7. Individual members shall receive “Certificate of Membership of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants” and institutional members shall receive “Certificate of Institutional Member Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants”.

8. Members are entitled to concessions e.g. discount or waiver of fee for services provided by the Association as specified in the membership benefit list issued by the Association.

9. Members shall be removed from the Association when considered to no longer have the ability to be its member.

10. The Association encourages and facilitates its members to become members of international professional bodies in line with their personal needs and qualifications.

Article 10. Obligations of members

1. Members shall comply strictly with the Party’s policies and directions, the State’s laws, and the Association’s Charter and regulations.

2. Members shall participate in the Association’s activities and events, and shall show solidarity and collaboration with other members to develop and grow the Association.

3. Members shall protect the Association’s reputation and shall not act in the Association’s name in transactions, except when assigned in writing by the leaders of the Association.

4. Members shall pay membership fee in full and in due course in accordance with the regulations of the Executive Board.

5. Members shall make on-going efforts to improve their technical expertise, professional skills, managerial experience, personal reputation and professional service quality.

6. Members shall preserve and uphold professional credentials and ethics and play an active role in communicating about and protecting the Association’s reputation.

7. Members shall actively provide information and reports with updates on any of their changes in accordance to the Association’s regulations.

Article 11. Membership fees

1. Annual membership fees shall be deliberated and decided by the Executive Board.

2. Membership fees for associate members are 50% (fifty percent) of full membership fees.

3. Honorary members and members who serve as permanent staff of the Association’s offices are exempted from membership fees.

Article 12. Process and authority for membership admission and dismissal

1. Process and authority for admission:

a) Any individual CPAs or audit firm who is eligible and qualified under the criteria set forth in Article 8 of the Charter and who wish to join as full or associate members of the Association shall submit an Application Form (attached with a copy of the certificate of auditor and a 3x4 photo in the case of an individual applicant; or a copy of business registration certificate and/or corporate registration certificate and/or investment certificate granted by a Department of Planning and Investment  together with a copy of audit service qualification certificate granted by Ministry of Finance (if any) and a copy of a certificate of auditor for one representative of the firm in the case of an institutional applicant). Applications can be submitted in hard copy to the office of the Association or online via the Association’s website. The Office of the Association shall consider and make recommendations to the President of the Association to decide on admission;

b) In order to become an honorary member under the recommendation of the Office of the Association, a request for admission of the candidate must be secured from at least two full members. The honorary member candidate shall submit a CV following the form specified by the Executive Board.

2. Dismissal:

a) Any individual member shall be subject to dismissal from the Association as consequence of discipline in the following cases:

- Violation of laws in independent audit to the extent when his/her certificate of auditor is revoked or when he/she is prohibited from participating in independent audit activities in accordance with the Law on Independent Audit;

- Violation of accounting and auditing professional ethics;

- Violation of the Association’s Charter or failure to adhere to resolutions and decisions by the Executive Board leading to reputational damages to the Association or other members;

- Failure to pay membership fee for more than one year after due;

b) Any member who is an audit firm shall be subject to dismissal from the Association as consequence of discipline in the following cases:

- The member’s audit service qualification certificate is revoked by a state authority; the member is prohibited from participating in audit activities;

- Failure to pay membership fee for more than one year after due;

c) Any member who is an audit firm shall no longer be a member of the Association when it is dissolved or declares bankruptcy or can no longer stay as a member due to any other objective reason;

d) Any member who wishes to discontinue its membership with the Association or any dead individual member shall be discontinued from being a member of the Association.

3. Process for dismissal/ membership discontinuation:

a) Any member who wishes to discontinue being a member shall submit a discontinuation request letter to the Office of the Association via email or post office. The office of the Association shall submit such request to the Association President for deliberation and decision;

b) Other cases of dismissal or discontinuation shall be consolidated and submitted by the Office of the Association to the Executive Board to deliberate and make recommendation to the Association President for final decision. 


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