VACPA Firm's Member Profile

Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountans (VACPA) is a independent professional organization of certified public accountans and audit firms in Vietnam. 

“Enhancing the service quality and reputation of VACPA member and acting for the benefits of VACPA members”, VACPA execute commitments to support VACPA members to develop professionals, improve the quality of accounting and auditing services as well as help Goverment organizations, Universities, bussiness community and social networks strengthen awareness of independent auditing activities. 

With the best in providing informations of VACPA Institutional members, VACPA issue “VACPA Firm’s Member Profile” (The data is updated in March, 2017).  Every year, VACPA will perform to update and maintain the informations.

VACPA hope  that “VACPA Firm’s Member Profile” is helpful and practical for you and look forward to receiving your support and attentions to our activities.

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